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The first thing that draws attention when you enter the home is certainly the cloakroom. Cloakroom models differentiate per the structure and decoration of the home. 

Cloakroom are generally cabinets and racks close to the entry of home. Today, different designs come before us with the development of furniture sector.
Cloakroom models influenced from these design changes have a great important in storing clothes and shoes used outside and slippers and sandals used inside home. 

The fact that guest visiting see the cloakroom first make it difficult to select the furniture for the cloakroom. It is possible to see many cloakroom model differing in functionality and appearance.  

There are those with a pier glass as well as those with small cabinets. 
We offer you some new ideas and applications about the cloakroom that you would like for your home. 

Different color alternatives, mirrored and sliding cloakroom models are at your service.