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Today, TV units are changing to modern TV Stands. 
TV Stands are not fixed models any more. 

It is possible to customize per desired shape. 

The cabinet used in the stands in general, display windows, shelf, receiver cabinets and drawers are placed in a modern style. 

Your furniture is manufactured from materials and colors suitable to your home. 
Materials used in the fabrication:

Ready to go materials are two kind: shiny and opaque.

Cardboard is used in body and panel manufacture. The door and shelves are painted with high-gloss acrylic and membrane. 

It can be used in the body and panel manufacture. 

At the same time, it can be used in making body and panel. It can be manufactured from laminate and painted with lacquer paint.  

It can also be fabricated from hardwood material and painted for your desires. Prices change per the material used.